NLP API For Enterprise is a fully featured, infrastructure agnostic, natural language processing API designed to enable businesses to quickly prototype and scale into production applications and services that leverage the power of automation.

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What Is Natural Language Processing ?

A discipline within artificial intelligence, natural language processing is a collection of methods by which computers can derive structured meaning from the complexity that is human language based communication.

Use Cases

Deriving meaning from human language lends itself to a variety of commercial applications.

  • Intelligent Bots

  • Robo advisors, IVRs, conversational interfaces, voice assistants...
  • Key Data Extraction

  • Key topic identification, keyword extraction, word filtering, general MI & analytics...
  • Workflow Automation

  • Language driven robotic processes automation...
  • Sentiment Tracking

  • Long term sentiment tracking over time on a per topic basis...

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    Natural Language Insight

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    Powered By Leading Machine Learning Technology

    Built on the Brain.js library, uses neural networks and deep learning techniques to classify unstructured data to a high degree of accuracy.

    Built-in Data Model. Ifrastructure Agnostic. Architected For Enterprise runs entirely on the infrastructure on which it is deployed making no call outs to 3rd party APIs. Toguether with built-in private key encryption, ensures you own your own data.

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